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Protective Guard Cover

Year  |  2017

Company  |  Incase

Project Role  |  Industrial Design

Protective Guard Cover_2.jpg

To elevate the use of a single material to a higher level, we applied design elements within a single material by carving the unessential surfaces into a 3D groove pattern and using multiple textures. Protective Guard Cover has vertical grooves following the contour of the back that performs as a grip. 

Instead of adding extra material for better performance and design sophistication, we created it using custom-blended impact-resistant flexible plastic material to provide substantial drop protection. We also added a grip element in a 3D pattern to prevent users from dropping it in the first place. In addition, the multiple textures: gloss and matte, the shiny surfaces glare and highlight, the contrasting matte surfaces created depth. These design details on a single material could reduce material use, manufacturing process, labor, time and support potential recyclability.


The moment of spark

Protective Guard Cover_inspiration

Eastern Columbia Building  |  849 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

When Incase office was in downtown Los Angeles, I loved to explore the city and the surrounding shops. While I was walking around, I spotted a man entering a building next to me. My gaze followed towards the building and caught attention to this beautiful turquoise building in Art Deco style. It was the historical landmark Eastern Columbia Building.

This building stood out from the other modern architecture by its uniqueness. The clad is in glossy turquoise terracotta with stripe and chevron facade in blue and gold. It represents luxe, glamor, and exuberance through the fine craftsmanship and rich materials hardly found in this era. These artistic elements might not be strictly functional. But how refreshing and exciting is this building with all of these details? What if the various patterns and materials were simply plain and minimal? 

Then how could I bring these artistic values and freshness into a ubiquitous object like an iPhone case? How could I turn an iPhone case iconic, as Claud Beelman did to this building? Through these sparks of thoughts and amazements, Protective Guard Cover was born.


These are some of the early-stage concepts and executions.

All Rights  |  Incase

Credits  |  Director - Evan Hong

Engineer/Developer - William Ho

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