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Pop Case

Year  |  2018

Company  |  Incase

Project Role  |  Industrial Design

Retail  |  Incase

pop case thumbnail 2_edited_edited.jpg

Users seek a protective yet simple and thinner case. Many cases are bulky and thicker than what is needed. The drop test results proved that not all rugged cases are defensive, and some thinner cases outperformed. We wanted to balance looking sleek and having outstanding drop protection. 

We focused on the areas that needed the most protection, like the frame, corners, screen, and camera. We layered with three different materials: hard-density TPU on the frame exterior, soft-density TPE on the interior, and clear PC on the back with raised lips around the camera and the screen. The frame interior is lined with pill-shaped air cushions to help further dissipate shocks. By removing the unnecessary bulk and focusing on the essential areas, we could achieve 10 feet of drop protection. 

With the same core thickness as the rugged cases, the form reflects the shape of the iPhone, and the smooth surface transitions give an illusion of slimness. Three layers of materials have three contrasting colors to visualize protection. The soft interior material is punctured through the buttons and highlights the buttons. You can also see a thin line of its pop color from the back through transparency.


These are some of the early-stage concepts and executions.

All Rights  |  Incase

Credits  |  Design Director - Evan Hong

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