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EXT E-Kick Scooter

Year  |  2022

Project Role  |  Industrial Design

Project Status  |  Concept


There are various lengths of electric kick-scooters on the market. Some are longer to support comfort and balance, and some are shorter to enhance speed and compactness. They both have their pros and cons, which led me to the idea of an extendable wheelbase to support each riding circumstance with a future-facing design. 

The wheelbase extends and retracts, making it possible to vary the wheelbase length by 3 inches.

The deck is raised above the rear wheel, creating a range for the wheelbase to slide. Short or long, the design adapts seamlessly without exposing any complex mechanisms. The arc and patterned grip on the deck allow a more comfortable stance when riding. The wider front of the deck functions as a shield from water and debris.

The charging port is hidden under the anti-slip grip at the front of the deck under a waterproof seal. You can charge the scooter even when the scooter is folded without interference. The battery is located under the scooter, maintaining a center gravity.