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EXT E-Kick Scooter

Year  |  2022

Project Role  |  Industrial Design

Project Type  |  Personal Project - Concept

Publications Yanko Design   Autoevolution


Micro-mobility is booming and electric kick scooter is a preferred transportation for many people to easily cruise around the city. Comfort is crucial and it needs to be designed to be adaptive to the riders' different heights, commute distances, and riding styles.

EXT is a concept scooter with an adaptive wheelbase that can shape-shift depending on the rider’s needs. Inspired by the various lengths of a skateboard, it has shortboard and longboard modes. A shortboard mode, aka sports mode, enhances speed, performance, and maneuverability to ride through the city. The longboard mode supports comfort and balance, making it ideal for a long-distance ride or cruising near the coast.

The wheelbase slides automatically under the arced deck with one click. Short or long, the design adapts seamlessly without exposing any complex mechanisms. The parametric grip on the deck allows a more comfortable stance when riding. 

The charging port is hidden under the anti-slip grip at the front of the deck under a waterproof seal. You can charge the scooter even when the scooter is folded without interference. The battery is located under the scooter, maintaining a center gravity.