Balanced Trapezoid

Year  |  2015

Project Role  |  Furniture Design

Balanced Trapezoid 3c.jpg

Minimalism is more than about aesthetics. The idea of "less is more" was considered in various aspects: lesser use of materials and resources, lesser labor, and waste. This bench was built with two materials: aluminum sheet and neoprene fabric without nuts and bolts, folded into a balanced structure in a trapezoid shape.

An aluminum sheet was cut into two pieces, folded, and welded to create a connected shape of a trapezoid. The end of the sheet was folded outward to work as a bench leg supporting the weight of the heavier top, while the top-heavy-trapezoid provides a space for your feet to rest under it. Furthermore, a neoprene fabric glued onto a removable part of an aluminum layer on top of the structure absorbs heat from the sun and insulates aluminum outdoors. 

Balanced Trapezoid 4c.jpg


These are some of the early-stage concepts and executions.

Balanced Trapezoid_process1.jpg
Balanced Trapezoid_sketches process.jpg

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