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AirPods Pro Lanyard

Year  |  2022

Company  |  Incase

Retail  |  Incase  |  Apple  |  Besy Buy  |  Target   Walmart

Publications |  9to5Mac  |  9to5Toys

Project Role  |  Lead Industrial Design  |  Engineering  |  Product Development

Incase Lanyard Web 1.jpg

This lanyard was first introduced in the previous year with Incase Reform Sport Case. Apple recognized the lanyard’s unique function with the integrated clip to relaunch it as a stand-alone product with Apple’s launch of AirPods Pro with integrated lanyard holes. Incase could offer the first lanyard accessory for AirPods Pro at the Apple stores.

The clip is made of plastic with an attached soft braided cord. The cord can be used as a wrist loop or with an integrated clip to loop to a backpack, handbag, or belt to keep your case safe and easily accessible.


These are some of the early-stage concepts and executions.

All Rights  |  Incase

Credits  |  Main Images from

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