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AirPods Case Woolenex

Year  |  2019-22

Company  |  Incase

Project Role  |  Industrial Design

Retail  |  Incase  |  Apple  |  Walmart

Publications  |  AppleInsider  |  MacRumors 

DSC04767 Editted V2_edited.jpg

Textile brings a warm and friendly element to an industrial material - plastic. By applying familiar materials, textures, and colors, we wanted the users to feel more personal with their devices. Polycarbonate hard shell is wrapped with a Woolenex polyester fabric that gives a soft tactile element while protecting it from scratches. AirPods Case Woolenex was the best-selling AirPods case at the Apple stores, and the design was carried over throughout all five AirPods devices.

The fabric is divided into six panels to achieve the cleanest lamination without wrinkles and creases while elaborating the roundness of the device. Without limiting to thin, stretchy, and easy-to-wrap textiles, we could also support thick and non-stretchy fabrics.


These are some of the early-stage concepts and executions.

All Rights  |  Incase

Credits  |  Design Director - Evan Hong

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