AirPods Case Woolenex

Year  |  2019

Company  |  Incase

Project Role  |  Industrial Design


Textile brings a warm, tactile element to an industrial material - plastic. By applying familiar materials, textures, and colors, we wanted the users to feel more personal with their devices. AirPods Case Woolenex is wrapped with Woolenex polyester fabric and designed to be compatible with AirPods generation 1 and 2. It was known to be the best-selling AirPods case at the Apple stores, and the design was carried over for AirPods Pro.


AirPods generation 1 and 2 are almost identical with small changes in the LED and setup button position. While they maintained the same hardware, we could also design a compatible case with both devices while providing access to all features. We could achieve a minimal design without any obtrusive distinctions by having a hidden construction underneath the fabric.


These are some of the early-stage concepts and executions.

Wrapping a fabric over a round object was a challenge. It was like trying to cover a ball with a cloth without any crease or wrinkle. We tried to divide a fabric into four pieces and six pieces in various ways to cover the surface areas fully. Without limiting to only stretchy materials, we wanted to achieve a construction that also works with stiff and thick materials like leather and PU that are more challenging to wrap over a round surface. The final design that could elaborate the roundness of the device will probably remind you of a tennis ball or a baseball.

All Rights  |  Incase

Credits  |  Director - Evan Hong

Engineer/Developer - William Ho