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AirPods Case Clear

Year  |  2019

Company  |  Incase

Project Role  |  Industrial Design


Users want to embrace the beauty of Apple products, but not in exchange for hardware protection. We wanted users to enjoy the beautiful device without compromising it too much while providing them ease of mind from dropping their devices. We offer them a minimal clear case that allows them to see the device through. The simple yet elegant solution was carried over for AirPods Pro and has been appreciated by many users. 


AirPods generation 1 and 2 are almost identical with minor changes in the LED and setup button position. While they maintained the same hardware, we could also design a compatible case with both devices while providing access to all features. The pill shape button covers the two different locations on the two devices. Instead of having two buttons, we merged it into a single shape that allows you to press one or the other without confusing them with two buttons. 


These are some of the early-stage concepts and executions.

Working with a transparent, glossy material was a challenge. It is difficult to hide any manufacturing traces or imperfections such as parting lines, shrink marks, and scratch marks. We had to design every detail intentionally, which led to adding line textures along the sides that function as the touchpoints when ejecting the tooling during manufacturing while leaving the other surfaces unblemished and clear.


All Rights  |  Incase

Credits  |  Director - Evan Hong

Engineer/Developer - William Ho

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